Crimson Mud 2

---------------------======{Crimson II NEWS}======---------------------

June 09, 2010 -

 * There have been some significant and apparent changes to services
    and items offered by the Questmaster.  The prices and items offered
    are subject to change if adminstration deems necessary.

June 07, 2010 -

 * Bots are now prohibited on Crimson MUD 2.  If you have questions
    regarding this change check 'help bots'.
 * The Questmaster has been modified to not give out certain mortal
    Quest equipment to mortals. This may change further after review of
    the current prizes from the Questmaster.
May 28, 2010 -

 * The WIPE code has been modified.  Players and kits will still be
    wiped.  Avatars will not be wiped for 12 months. The remaining morts
    have had their wipe time extended for more information regarding this
    see "help wipe". We are now running version 177 of the code.

August 3, 2009 -

 * Please welcome Ishtar and Oldschool as our newest Immortal staff
    members!  They are eager to help out in any way possible and provide
    much-needed support with quests and general administrative duties.
 * If you have sent mudmails to Sprocket and you are waiting for a
    reply you should consider sending an email.  Sprocket can be reached
    at (it's the email address on the greet page).
 * The wizlist has been updated.  Type "wizlist" to see your current
   immortal / supervisory staff.

April 7, 2009 - 

 * Welcome Maugan'Ra as our latest Immortal member.  He has agreed
   to help out with various administrative duties and interact with
   the player base more regularly than Sprocket or Relic tend to
   visit.  Everyone please make Maugan'Ra feel welcome.

January 17, 2009 -

 * Yay, another code update.  For some of you, the latest version
   will be very apparent.  Among other things, you should notice now
   a reminder to vote for our mud via the MUDCONNECTOR website.  This
   recommendation was made by Bane / Archangel.  Good suggestion!

November 22, 2008 -

 * Yet another code update.  This newest revision can only be
   seen by immortals, so don't go blind trying to spot something
   new in the game. 

November 15, 2008 -

 * The code has been updated again!  We are now running version
   165 of Crimson II.  Bask in its glory.

October 5, 2008 -

 * The mud server's CCO modem was replaced today by another new
   unit.  This should (hopefully) mean that we will no longer cut
   out and effectively drop our connection to the game.  Please
   keep in mind that you should regularly save and backup in case
   your connection should be lost for any reason (your connection
   or mine).

September 26, 2008 -

 * Same deal as yesterday, modem lights were out when I got home
   and I hit the power button while checking to see if the modem was
   still plugged in...this modem connectivity issue will be addressed
   tomorrow with the ISP.
 * Sorry for any inconveniences.

September 25, 2008 -

 * Okay, we didn't really have a crash tonight.  The modemrouter
   through which the mud server is connected decided to shut off.
 * In my (Sprocket's) zeal to figure out why it shut off, I hit
   the power switch on the surge protected power strip and shut off
   everything attached to it, including the server.
 * Oops.

September 20, 2008 -

 * New code has been ported!  We are now running version 162 of
   our code, which includes among other fixes the Demon Bug fix and
   the new immortal structure.  Demons should be aware of the fact
   that they will no longer have unnaturally low AC or extra attacks
   above and beyond those they've earned through skills or equipment.
 * There are now only two tiers of game administration.  All
   general immortals are level 48 and come equipped with command
   clusters depending upon the specific task that immortal performs.
   The level 50 immortals are the game owners (Relic and Sprocket)
   or other god-like authority.

August 22, 2008 -

 * With the exception of this weekend, the MUD has had a strong
   continuous uptime of over 4 weeks.  The Xanth issues causing the
   crashes this weekend have been corrected and will be reflected in
   our next code port.
 * Speaking of our next code port, the Demon racial bug has been
   corrected.  For those demons out there, play 'em while you've got
   those handy little bugs.
 * The bulletin boards around the game are going to be cleared up
   within the next few days.  If there is useful information you'd
   like to keep saved, let Sprocket know before the end of the week. 

July 21, 2008 -

 * Whoa...we haven't done any News updates in a while!
 * The MUD has moved!  Again!  Due to unfortunate circumstances
   regarding Relic's former ISP and the untimely death of the MUD
   machine's power supply (e.g. the Shuttle's power supply), you
   may have noticed that the game was down for about 3 weeks.
 * Shalira has corrected the domain to now point
   at the new game IP address ( 4000).  Feel free to
   connect using either method.
 * Regarding the Shuttle power supply issue, the new power supply
   does NOT fit in the computer case.  Right now it is jury-rigged
   and sitting outside the case on a piece of ceramic tile.  A new
   case is being formulated now.  At this time, the design involves
   crafting a case out of wood (yes, wood) for that old-school feel.
   This will translate into more downtime at a later date.  Sprocket
   will keep everyone posted as designs develop. 
January 22, 2008 -

 * Fixed some crashing bugs that had hit us since the host change
   and also made some more improvemants to the who list.
January 22, 2007 -

 * This is the new host.  If you see this message, you're good!

January 18, 2007 -

 * New host is up and ready to go.  Please log into this IP:
   NOTE: NONE of your accomplishments from here on out will be moved 
   to the new server.  Please play over there and report issues
   as you find them.

December 30, 2007 - 

 * In record time, Disraeli advances to Latorrmis!  Please welcome
   Disraeli to his current post and correspond with him regarding
   quests and general game information.
 * Speaking of quests, there will be New Year's quests running for
   the next couple days, so please ask around and participate if you
   feel up to a good ol' hack 'n slash quest.  Ask Disraeli for details.
December 27, 2007 - 

 * Please welcome our newest immortal Disraeli!  Disraeli's current
   status is Revetas.  Please congratulate him at your earliest convenience.

December 26, 2007 - 

 * Now that Christmas has come and gone, the Winter Wonderland is closed.
   Keep your eyes open for new zones and quests to take its place in
   the coming weeks.
December 17, 2007 - 

 * We're moving!  Sometime shortly after Christmas our game will
   be moving from Europe to the United States.  Our new home is soon
   to be Kansas City, Missouri.  Many thanks to Shalira for hosting
   our game for so long, and thanks to Relic for being our new host.
   Please continue to connect using  The IP address
   will change, but will still point to the game.
 * Multi-play rules are changing.  Please be advised that there is
   now no limit to the number of active avatars you can play outside
   of the reception.  There is still no limit to the number of mortals
   you can play outside of the reception.  Please keep in mind that
   this rule can change back if recklessly exploited.
 * Please keep in mind the botting rules.  Botting is only allowed
   during the evenings / early morning between midnight and 8:00 am
   Eastern Standard Time.  Botting outside of the established botting
   hours will result in jail time (there is no recourse).  Jail time
   is decided by the administrative immortal on at the time.
 * By the way, botting outside of the allowed botting hours while
   taking advantage of the relaxed multi-avat rule is an excellent
   way to lose kits, players, or both.  Please bot responsibly.

December 8, 2007 - 

 * Winter Wonderland is open!  Enjoy the zone during this holiday
   season.  Winter Wonderland (start room 24480) will be open only
   through the end of December.  Gear has a 50% pop rate.

November 2, 2007 - 

 * Fixed more crashing bugs
 * Fixed the AFW/AFK who list bugs
 * Added the  flag to the who list
 * Added forms to the who list (in a slightly different fashion)
 * Added parts of the changelog feature

October 23, 2007 - 

 * Fixed three known crashing bugs
 * The who list now indicates AFW and AFK players, and displays
   idle ticks for idle players
 * Important spells (forms and sanctuary) are highlighted in
   the spells list.

September 18, 2007 - 

 * The code's been updated!  Miscellaneous bug fixes have been
   made, including the issue with the game crashing immediately
   after a death.

September 11, 2007 - 

 * NewbieVillage and GnomeVillage are now enhanced.  Changes
   include new rooms, new mobs, and new gear.  Both zones should
   be more enjoyable to play for a lower-level mortal.

August 27, 2007 - 

 * Lots of behind the scene restructuring has gone on.  There are 
   some new goodies like automatic backups.  There have also been a
   number of bug fixes, per normal.