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 C2 and me... 
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Post C2 and me...
I don't know if anyone remembers back to the time of Fish but I started playing about the time he left I think that puts me playing this MUD at about 20 years. I first used the name Brand and even though I failed I tried my hand at building back then. I have come a long way. I just recently came back here after a few years away to again, find my character long gone... no problem I am not complaining. I should just make sure I at least log in often enough once I make avatar to not get removed.

Anyways another reason I am posting is that I am digging up all my files that were on my website that had a lot of info for players about the game. I think you will find you like them once I get them back up. One of the other things I am starting is mapping zones in Visio. This is easy enough but I will be making JPG of the maps and uploading them to the server.

The first one up will be Thalos. I just finished it this morning. Will post the links etc when done.

Anyways hope this helps people over time.

Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:46 pm

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Post Re: C2 and me...
Well some more for those interested.

When leveling sometimes it is annoying to go through those ZONES_1 etc and figure out what levels are reasonable for you.

So in order of level here are the zones.

Might also help any builders and imm staff figure out the holes in the levels.

Zone Level Alignment Designer Rooms
Midgaard ALL Neutral STOCK 3000-3499
Arena of Death ALL Varies SunShine 2690-2699
Arnath2 ALL Good Air 14900-14999
Arnath3 ALL Good Air 15000-15099
Royal Academy NEWBIE Neutral Mercy 100-124
Newbie Village 1-5 Good Mara 8000-8199
Snotling Army Camp 1-8 Evil Fish 14300-14399
Village of Korum 1-15 Neutral Sorrow 12625-12675
Darkwood 1-20 Varies Air 14000-14099
Daydream 1-20 Good Bingo 125-174
Halfling Shire 3-20 Neutral STOCK 17600-17699
Gnome Village 5-20 Good Nef+Graffin 8350-8385
Domoi Itaba 8-25 Evil Shast 5700-5899
Thalos 8-25 Evil STOCK 5200-5299
Sharrizar 10+ Neutral Slog 7500-7599
Temple of T'salchoic 10+ Good Fish 2600-2689
Arachnos 10-25 Evil STOCK 6200-6499
Arena 11-41 Varies Mercy 1700-1749
SilverDale 12-30 Evil Cryogen 4500-4699
Arnath 15+ Good Air 14400-14499
Amazon Jungle 15+ Varies Wimpie 16300-16599
Egypt 15+ Neutral Nef+graffin 14200-14299
Pixie Garden 15+ Good Shast 5450-5699
Teldescian Swamps 15+ Varies Nightwynde 16900-17399
Viking 15+ Neutral Fish 17400-17549
Mines of Moria 10-20 Evil STOCK 4000-4199
WailingBanshee 10-25 Varies Nightwynde 200-299
Atlantis 15-25 Good Nef+Graffin 14500-14599
Quel'Sith Forest 10-25 Good Nightwynde 8500-8564
Overlord's Lair 1 15-30 Neutral Draythen 5300-5399
Overlord's Lair 2 15-30 Neutral Draythen 5400-5499
Lizard Canyon 15-35 Evil Sorrow 2900-2999
Dwarven Kingdom 15-41 Good Unknown 4700-4799
Aerie 20+ Good Nightwynde 7750-7849
City of Mirielle 20+ Evil Blaze 7600-7749
Draconia 20+ Neutral STOCK 2200-2299
DragonRealm3 20+ Varies Lanthis 13900-13999
Drow City 20+ Evil STOCK 5100-5199
Elfin Citadel 20+ Good Kalin+Trinity 14600-14899
Elmpatris 20+ Neutral Fish 4800-4954
Lair of the Ratmen 20+ Evil Fish 13200-13899
Shikonas Islands 20+ Varies Cyric 1000-1199
Thieves Guild 20+ Neutral Graffin 16600-16899
Volcano 20+ Evil Bingo 3900-3999
Xanth 20+ Varies SunShine 500-899
Castle Bryan 20-35 Good Vangar 16200-16299
Caves of Numbness 20-40 Varies Archangel 20550-20609
Citadel of Chaos 20-40 Evil Cyric 4200-4399
Darkling 20-40 Varies Rogerwaters 9300-9399
Arcane Ruins 20-41 Evil Rogerwaters 20850-20919
Coliseum 25+ Evil Rogerwaters 9050-9099
Gerins Hill 25+ Varies Draythen 1400-1499
Lake 25+ Neutral Shast 13100-13149
Numidian Swamps 25+ Neutral Fish 2300-2399
Temple of Pres 25+ Varies Shast 18400-18799
Vamplair1 25+ Evil Fish 15100-15199
Vamplair2 25+ Evil Fish 15200-15299
Vamplire3 25+ Evil Fish 15300-15499
Glass Catheral 30+ Evil Unknown 19500-19599
Phaze 30+ Varies Sarel 17700-17750
Sherwood Forest 30+ Good Ikarus 6025-6074
Camelot 30-41 Good Lanthis+Love 2030-2099
Shal'Nagi Temple 30-41 Good Phyre 6500-6599
Cloud Palace 35+ Varies Blaze 2100-2199
Gerins Tower 35+ Varies Draythen 1500-1599
Shaolin Temple 35+ Evil Giggles 14100-14199
Ocean1 Varies Varies Nightwynde 12800-12899
Ocean2 Varies Varies Nightwynde 21975-22974
Olympus Varies Varies Jyaaku 15650-15799

Bello Terra AVAT Neutral Butterfly 12400-12499
Castle White Flame AVAT Good Storm 20200-2024
DarkCastle AVAT Evil Archangel 19200-19299
DEvils Domain AVAT Evil Slog 20050-20115
Dragon Isle AVAT Evil Onslaught 8565-8624
Drow Gods AVAT Evil Bolt 17900-17999
Dusk AVAT Varies Silthanus 1900-2029
Egyptian Gods Avat Varies Grifter 5950-5999
Gargath's Keep AVAT Varies Nefarius 15900-16199
*Gargath's Dungeon AVAT Evil Slog 15885-15899
Hades Castle AVAT Evil Onslaught 1750-1799
Helms Deep AVAT Varies Jyaaku 23800-23899
Ice Crystal Palace AVAT Varies Jamal 18800-19199
Lucifer's Domain AVAT Evil Sorrow 15500-15599
Masquerade AVAT Varies Oren 20500-20549
Masquerade2 AVAT Varies Oren 20610-20629
Masquerade3 AVAT Varies Oren 20400-20499
Mythdrannor AVAT Good Jamal 8625-8834
Necropolis AVAT Evil Sarel 4400-4499
Portal Plane AVAT Evil Fish 6600-6699
Quel'Sith Elves AVAT Good Nightwynde 20745-20849
Realm of Khorne AVAT Evil Cyric 1300-1399
Seven Heavens AVAT Good Sorrow 7400-7499
Seven Heavens AVAT Good Sorrow 20000-20049
SnowPeak AVAT Varies Archangel 4955-4999
Temple of Salvation AVAT Good Osiris 7100-7199
The Abyss AVAT Evil Perna 2400-2499
The Fields AVAT Evil Archangel 8900-9049
Thieves Hideout AVAT Varies Jyaaku 24100-24149

I might try doing this in HTML... the forum software doesn't seem to like extended spaces for some reason.

Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:43 pm

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Post Re: C2 and me...
Okay... here is a JPG of Thalos, I think I have all the DTs and such done.

Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:13 am
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